Originally built in 1907 by local merchant Albert Steinfeld, the Steinfeld Warehouse was constructed for receiving and storage of merchandise for Steinfeld’s Department Store and various other businesses.  It is the oldest surviving warehouse in Tucson’s downtown area.

Unfortunately, years of neglect allowed deterioration to occur.  In 2012, Cox Masonry, Inc. subcontracted the demolition and masonry repair of the parapet walls (with corbelled ends) and the west wall at the loading dock.  Rather than a full-scale restoration, this project involved rehab work to halt the deterioration.  All of the brick used in the rehab, which were cleaned and stored for re-use, came from the existing building so outside sources of brick were not necessary.

The new parapets were rebuilt using reinforced CMU, veneered with the salvaged brick.  The west loading dock wall was rebuilt as a 12-inch wall with a 4-inch grouted cavity and reinforcing steel and brick on the interior and exterior faces.

The stone walls in the basement had deteriorated lime mortar joints from years of water intrusion. The exterior walls were exposed, repointed, and waterproofed.  The interior side had the old joints cleaned out and repointed with a matching mortar using lime and white cement.  The existing roof structures were re-sheeted with plywood and a built-up roofing, creating a water-tight structure ready for tenant improvements.  Today, part of the old historic building is once again in use.