Insulated Concrete Forms (also known as ICF Walls) are an alternative to typical Wood Frame/Stucco Walls, and conventional masonry wall construction.  The typical unit is an inside and outside polystyrene foam face bonded together with plastic inserts which will create a central core in which to place the concrete and reinforcing steel. The core width usually comes in 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch sizes. The panels are dry stacked (mortarless), clipped together at the top and bottom of each unit, and then braced and set plumb, before pumping the center core with concrete. The finished wall is then a continuous concrete core with 2-1/4 inches of insulation bonded on both side to the concrete core. This type of wall system is used in many Residential and Commercial construction. Search ICF Walls on the internet for a more detailed overview of this innovative building product.